Tver Tech Campus

New Enterprise

In this era of ‘New Enterprise’, economic opportunities and challenges in the new millennium depend largely on the exploitation of ‘knowledge’. Whereas during the Industrial Revolution, ‘capital’ was the dominant factor, today it’s ‘knowledge’. The main opportunities lie in converting knowledge and technology into specific commercial activities and in broadening and deepening enterprise.

Speed and profiling ability are crucial for operating successfully in a knowledge-based economy. Both require specialization and decisiveness. The need to operate fast and to respond proactively to new consumer demands is increasingly forcing companies to work as part of networks. These networks rely on strategic cooperation and on the exchange of knowledge between companies in different sectors as well as research institutes.

During the coming years, a new data center and business park targeting mainly the Information & Communication Technologies sector (ICT) will be built in Tver, which will respond proactively to the changing relationship between technological progress, innovation and economic growth. This focus of new knowledge and new enterprise will be called Tver Tech Campus.

Tver Tech Campus aims to become a renowned ICT business cluster, based on international standards, in which technology, business and lifestyle can be uniquely combined.

Date: 2014


Client: Interdata

Type: Spatial Framework and Business Plan

Location: Tver, Russia

Area: 26 ha (site), 100.000 sqm (GLA)