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Tver Tech Campus

18 Oct 2012 / 0 Comments / in

During the next 5 years, a new tier-3 data center and business park targeting mainly the Information & Communication Technologies sector (ICT) will be built in Tver, Russian Federation. This epicenter for new enterprise will focus on the exploitation of new knowledge and new business and be called Tver Tech Campus.

The key aim of Tver Tech Campus is the conversion of knowledge, innovation and technology into specific commercial activities, as well as broadening and deepening enterprise and economic opportunities in the Tver Region. Its main objectives will be to establish and strengthen networks based on strategic cooperation and the exchange of knowledge between universities, research institutes and companies in different sectors.

Tver Tech Campus is a statement about the future. Its goal is to become a leading podium on which knowledge, innovation, inspiration and fascination come together. Tver Tech Campus will both anticipate and precipitate new developments and challenges in a knowledge-based economy and respond proactively to the changing relationship between technological progress, innovation and economic growth.

In a sustainable, dynamic world in which knowledge plays a crucial role, Tver Tech Campus will provide all the facilities people need to work, live and relax. Creativity, inspiration and cooperation will converge here, bringing an infinite scope for new visions, new enterprise and the realization of new ambitions.


Project name

Tver Tech Campus, 2012




Tver, Russian Federation

Contribution URBANICITY

Conceptual Framework + Business Plan + Master Plan


Concept & Research: Studio YYY
Architect: VA Architects
Engineering: Deerns
Financial: Geha


ICT Business Park, Datacenter, Start-Up Innovation Center


Building surface 140.000 m²
Tier 3 datacenter 10.000 m2
Site 250.000 m²


Planning approval